katie1 “I can’t speak highly enough of Jessica.  Wanting to be a DIY bride, I quickly felt overwhelmed with all of the projects, vendors, and day of details. Bringing Jessica onboard was the best decision next to saying “I do!”  Despite vendor hiccups (of their own doing) on the day of my wedding, it went flawlessly thanks to her.  She handled each call professionally and effectively while calmly keeping me in the loop.  She all but held my hand right up to the point of walking down the aisle, all the while cuing the bridal party in line with the musicians.

In addition to ceremony services, Jessica also set up my crafty decor “touches” and assisted in getting the bridal party wedding ready. Everything was perfect, Jessica was such a blessing and in any capacity you need, you will be thankful you have her!” – Katie H. November 26, 2011 Charleston, SC (photography by Diana Deaver Weddings)

amyj“At the last minute before my wedding, I realized that I really wanted a day of coordinator. After some quick google searches, I came across Serendipity Wedding and Events. I am SO glad I did. Jessica was amazing to work with every step of the way, and was totally flexible with any task I gave her. She asked me all the right questions leading up to the wedding to ensure that we had thought of every little detail. She was always a step ahead of me, which allowed me (and everyone else involved in the wedding) to sit back and relax, both in the weeks leading up to it and on the day of. Our wedding day went so wonderfully, and it was all because of Jessica and Kara! It would’ve been a much more stressful (and much less smooth) event if I hadn’t found them!” -Amy U. August 31, 2014 East Lansing, MI ( photography by serendipity weddings & events)


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