Spotlight Venue {Belle Isle Casino}

This week we are going off the beaten path a little bit …


The {current} Belle Isle Casino was built in 1904 and was a functioning casino for many years. Now, it is available for event rentals.


There are a few things to keep in mind when considering this as your potential wedding venue.

  • It is a venue run by the state of Michigan, meaning it is not in perfect condition. lights are known to be out and broken as one example. other brides have stated getting someone to open the door at the appropriate time, and to be sure to have the park rangers numbers in the event that no one shows up to unlock the door

  • they do supply tables and chairs and only set them up with a default floor plan. if you want a different set up, you must change it yourself

  • you can only get into the venue 2 hours prior to your event to set up

  • all events must end by 12am and you have up to 1 hour after your event to clean up. there is a fee for anything after 1 hour

  • belle isle does not allow storing of any items overnight. everything must be brought in with you and leave with you the same day

  • at the end of your event, the kitchen must be cleaned, all chairs must be stacked on the tables, all spills must be cleaned, and all garbage must be taken out- in other words, you must leave the casino as it was prior to your event

  • or you could hire a wedding planner to take care of everything and not have to worry about a single thing 😉

After reading all of that, if you still are considering the Belle Isle Casino for your wedding

  • The rental fee is $1,400, $250 of this amount is a refundable security deposit. this deposit is refunded 4 to 6 weeks after your event

  • this amount is due at the time of signing to reserve your date

  • additional set up time is $25 per hour, if belle isle has the time available

  • since there is no on site catering, your only option is to bring in your own, so you have more flexibility with your budget in picking the right caterer for you

  • also, since there is no on site catering, you have to bring in your own liquor and other beverages you may want served. this will also save you money

  • if you decide that the belle isle casino is the right wedding venue for you, you have so many options around the island for beautiful photographs

Belle Isle FOotbridge, October post this Belle_isle_Conservatory2013 bi11 Untitled-1




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