Marriage {Proposal} Monday

Happy Monday! We thought a great way to get rid of a case of the Mondays was by posting some of our favorite marriage proposals that went viral!

This first one is from NBC’s new show “Marry Me” {on Tuesdays at 9PM}. Bret wants to propose to his girlfriend, she thinks she is just having lunch with her friend, but they are all in the on the secret! Her family and friends from across the country were flown in to help him propose!

And if you’re wondering what the catchy song is, it is “Geronimo” by the band Sheppard.

I know we posted this one before, BUT it is one of our all time favorites. Justin decides to do an over the top proposal to propose to his girlfriend Emily. This isn’t much this proposal doesn’t include. It has an N*Sync parody, a flash mob, an ABBA parody, a fake movie trailer, surprise from the soon to be brides family, and so much more! This one is long, but so worth it.

This next proposal isn’t a video, but it is too cute to not share! Alex is an animal lover, but more specifically, a pug lover. So her boyfriend thought there was not a better way to propose thne to include not one, but 16 pugs with that had heart shaped balloons tied to them.

While taking a walk though Central Park in NYC, they stopped on the famous bow bridge and spotted a pug, when they went to talk to the owner, they turned around and were surrounded with pugs!

CLICK HERE to see the pictures and to read all about it!

THIS guy got Zach Braff to help him propose to his girlfriend, and Zach quotes Beyonce, how can you not check this one out?


This proposal is more of an idea so there isn’t a story for it. Since the holidays are coming up, it was too cute to not post! For all the Christmas lovers out there, how adorable would this engagement be?



Do you have a favorite that we forgot? Post it in the comments below for others to see! And let us know which one from above is our favorite! Happy Monday!


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