Serendipity News {Calligraphy, Glass Etching, & Metal Stamping}

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, we have been very busy with weddings, showers, and much more!

First new update: We are learning Calligraphy! It is an art form we have always been interested in. We love the way inventions, thank you notes, and escort cards look when they are handwritten in calligraphy, and we think you do too! It’s a work in progress, but it is so fun to do and learn.

Second new update: We now offer glass etching! Glass etching is a fun way for personalizing jars, champagne flutes, and so much more! If you love crafting like we do, we highly recommend taking a glass etching class..but be warned, once you know how, you will be etching everything you can!

Last new update: We’ve been metal stamping like crazy! “I Do” Forks, “Happily Ever After” Spoons- so don’t forget to check out the “Metal Stamping” tab above for more information on metal stamping!

And don’t forget…CLICK HERE to contact us for more information on calligraphy, glass etching, & metal stamping!







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