Escort cards we love

IMG_4028.JPGWhile helping our current bride figure out different idea for their escort cards, we came across these ideas we wanted to share.


A mini clothes line could be made using wood and string, getting mini clothes pins, you can pin the cards to the line, decorating with color coordinating flowers, you have a simple, different and chic idea for your escort cards. Perfect for your shabby chic wedding.

Modern elegant a little more your style? This simple but stunning escort table is done using wood initials {you could even paint them in your colors, wrap them in rope, paint a print on them}, purchase a few vases of various sizes and fill them with water and add floating candles, even flowers if you wanted to. This is simple and stunning.

Does your wedding have a wine theme? You can order wine corks online inexpensively, and just simply put the escort cards in them. This idea is perfect for the DYI bride!

Outdoor wedding? Using rocks and a marker and you have yourself eco-friendly escort cards that go great with your theme!

For the adult only reception, start your reception off with champagne with tags around the stems with your guests names. Simple, yet your guests will love it!

Antique and Skeleton keys are a huge trend right now! You could hang them on a shutter, lay them on a table, or even hang them on a clothes line. Great for a vintage or Harry Potter themed wedding.

Another take on a shabby chic escort card table idea would be to string them by ribbon. You can uses your initials, ribbon, and paper flowers to create this adorable escort card idea. Another great one for the DYI bride. Added idea: If you have a book themed wedding, make the paper flowers of out the pages of your favorite book!

And lastly, for the simple bride, using traditional folded escort cards in alphabetical order with some simple floating candles or floating flowers. Simple and easy to do, yet beautiful at the same time.

Need help to figure out escort card ideas for your theme? Contact us and we will help you! Comment below with your favorite ideas, or tell us your idea!


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