We are officially OBSESSED!

Today we spend our day working on custom invitations for an upcoming baby shower we are planning. We decided to add a special touch with embossing the envelopes closed, and we now have a new found obsession with our embosser… and spent the rest of our day finding things to emboss…


What is embossing?

Embossing refers to the creation of an impression of some kind of design, decoration, lettering or pattern on another surface like paper, cloth, metal and even leather, to make a relief. In regular printing or an engraving, plates are pressed against the surface to leave an imprint. In embossing however, the pressing raises the surfaces adding a new dimension to the object.

Embossing is an elegant process that changes the nature of the material that has been embossed. More often than not it elevates the standard and quality of the product. A notary’s embossed seal can give much weight to a regular piece of paper. Similarly, an embossed wedding card immediately changes the entire meaning conveyed by the invitation. The recipient is informed not only about the wedding but also that it is going to be a high profile wedding and an elegant ceremony.

We decided to seal the envelopes closed with the adorable stamp with blue ink and iridescent glitter. It’s a simple touch that we can now incorporate into the shower. We can emboss the stamp on the thank you notes, on gift tags, center pieces, the possibilities are endless!

Contact us today if you want to know more about our custom invitation services or embossing!


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