Toss the…..Lavender?

The wedding toss is a lovely tradition that dates back to Ancient Rome. Throwing things at a newly wed couple is intended to symbolize good luck, fertility and abundance.





Wonderfully fragrant lavender buds are a great alternative to rice or bubbles.

And as the lavender buds are crushed underfoot, the delicate fragrance becomes even more present.

Bird and mother earth friendly.

Bags available in White, Silver, Pink, Lavender, Gold and Ivory

Larger quantity discounts available.

$150 includes

-100 sachet filled with Lavender

-personalized tags

We love Angelica’s Lavender products and we know you will too! Click HERE to buy it NOW and add a different touch to your  wedding!

While you’re at it, check out Angelica’s other products like her Lavender Lemon Salt Soak, we love it and at only $6.50 it’s a steal!



And be sure to check out her facebook page and like it for new products and other updates!


2 responses to “Toss the…..Lavender?

  1. This sounds like such a cute idea!


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