Something old, something new, something borrowed, something {BLUE}

Still looking for your something blue? Well, we have some ideas for you!


An easy way to incorporate your something blue is with your shoes, you can get a shade of blue shoes to wear, or get the cute rhinestone decals for the bottom of your shoes! You can purchase them at most bridal stores and they add the perfect touch to your footwear! And think of all the adorable photos you can get using them!

Another subtle way to add your something blue is with your wedding day mani, use a neutral color and add a pop of blue on your ring finger with a heart. We LOVE this mani!

Victoria’s Secret has a whole bridal line for you to choose from! From panties that say “I do” or “bride” to garters, it’s another way to make sure you have you something blue tradition taken care of!

You can also cover your something old and something blue in one by using the hem of your mothers (or another loved ones) wedding dress and have it embroidered in blue with your wedding date. You could even add your names with your wedding date on the piece of her dress and have it sewed into the inside

hem of your dress. This is a wonderful way to incorporate someone specials marriage into your big day!

We love these ideas for your something blue, what’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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