Just For Brides: Bridal Subscription Boxes

I’m sure everyone has heard of beauty boxes like Glossybox, Birchbox, and Ipsy, but did you know that there is a bridal box subscription? Each month you can receive adorable items for your upcoming big day with The Bride Box.  While it is a little bit on the pricey side at $35/month, $180 for 6 months, or $300 for a year, it comes with 5 amazing products in each box. Products could include:

  • Bridal beauty items

  • Relaxation & pampering products

  • Handmade wedding items

  • Wedding organizational items

  • Personalized bridal gifts

  • DIY projects

  • Wedding tips & tricks from the experts

You can take a peek inside a couple boxes by clicking HERE

OR if you know a bride-to-be, this is a great gift you could give to her after an engagement is announced! You can order a box as a gift by clicking HERE

Not interested in buying the box but like some of their products? Great news! They have a store you can buy box items from!

Also, check them out on facebook, they give box updates, tips, and ideas!




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