Just For Brides: Kate Spade

Did you know there are a number of designers that have lines just for brides {even your bridal party!}? Kate Spade is one of them!



Kate Spade has made the most perfectly whimsical bridal accessories. They offer everything from bridal party gifts {check out her Bridesmaid & Maid of Honor Idiom bangles}, to cute jewelry for you {“MRS” earrings you HAVE to have for the honeymoon}, shoes {need your something blue? How about blue sparkly heels to wear on your big day} , purses, cell phone cases, and everything in between! Check out some of our favorites below! And be sure to stop by the Kate Spade store to see these adorable items in person! HINT: Somerset Mall has a Kate Spade store. Or CLICK HERE to shop!


KS1Going out of the country for your honeymoon? You NEED this happily ever after passport holder for $98


KS3Book Lover? This is the PERFECT Clutch for you! $328 and you can use it for more than just your wedding too! Bonus!


ks4Every Bride-to-be has to have a special cell phone cover! Kate Spade makes a couple of them if this “MR AND MRS” one isn’t for you. But they all average about $40


ks5 And for the bride that has kissed her share of “frogs” before finding her prince, You definitely should purchase the “I Kissed A Frog” clutch. Also great for the bride that loves glitter {who doesn’t?!}  This clutch can be yours for just $328–and it can also be used for more than just your wedding!


These are just a couple of our favorites, but they have so many more items for sale! Be sure to check them out, It is impossible to pick a favorite!


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